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TTG front cover“Have you gone mad?” was the gist of our family’s and friend’s reaction when we retired in our 50’s, put all our belongings in storage, and purchased tickets to circumnavigate the globe.

Our wondrous experiences, our blunders and our budgeting tips were shared in our travel memoir published in 2010. After the print copies sold out, our book was on Amazon Kindle until April of 2020.  It was a great run and we wholeheartedly thank the folks from near and far that vicariously came along with us on our life-changing journey, and to those who gave us such incredible reviews! A special thanks to Mike Keenan of What Travel Writers Say, who has graciously promoted our book on his high calibre website. Mr, Keenan has recently authored an extremely compelling book: Don’t Ever Quit, A Journal of Coping with Crisis. 

Irene’s Interview on Global TV Global interview/

Our appreciation to all,

Irene & Rick


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