Impowerage Book Interview – Trekking the Globe

TTG front coverThe adventure of a lifetime on a budget


Travelling 12 countries in 12 Months

By Kelly Neufeld

For seniors, the number one goal after retirement is travel. While retirement frees up your time to travel, finances can be an issue. But what if you could travel the world, for the amount it would cost you to live at home? Sound impossible? It’s not, Rick and Irene Butler managed to spend a year abroad while spending the same amount they would have spent at home and they’ve written a book to show you just how to do it too.

When Irene and Rick Butler retired they wanted to be more than just occasional tourists they wanted to travel the world. And since they are a talented writer and photographer respectively they documented their year of travelling the world in their book, Trekking the Globe with Mostly Gentle Footsteps.

Their book is a mix between a guide book, travel story and a history lesson. The book is an entertaining journey of their adventures across four continents. Along the way, they share their experiences and mistakes. If you happen to travel the same path you’ll know people and places you should avoid and attractions you absolutely must visit. At various points, Irene details little known historical and geographical facts. Even if you can’t travel yourself, you’ll feel like you are there with them while reading the book.

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