Can-Am Peregrinations: Travelling Canada and the United States of America

Wending our way over back roads to best-kept secret hideaways; seeking out strange and wondrous geographical phenomena; and wedging through congested traffic in renowned cities through out Canada and the United States will be our mission.

After several years of travelling to numerous countries around the world, the vast expanses of our own North American terrain is beckoning us, particularly locales missed on previous excursions. Our mode of transportation will be EMILI – short for EMIssions LIttle, our 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle.

We invite you to follow along our haphazard itinerary of trails and destinations through a series of postings of events, sites, travel hints and hobbit-worthy eateries and lodgings along the way. Check our log of Emili’s performance and gas consumption over our intended 45,000 km trip. Follow our “Green Quest” reports as we scour the land for all manner of alternate energy sources, from windmill farms to small power installations, and track down ecologically friendly methods of production and manufacturing.

On June 8, with a ritualistic dip in the Pacific waters, we begin our journey east across Canada until the Atlantic tides splash against our feet. Dropping down the eastern seaboard, we will indulge in a neighbourly jaunt through the southern States; then zigzag our way back home to Vancouver, British Columbia. A red carpet welcome to our concatenate updates of our pleasurable as well as vexatious experiences, as is the yin and yang of travel


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