Acclaim for Our Book “Trekking the Globe”

Trekking the Globe with mostly Gentle Footsteps
“The adventures and misadventures of the Butlers on their epic journey is an inspiration to readers and travellers of all ages. ….Their gentle footsteps remind us that humour, enthusiasm and attitude go a long way in the world of hardcore travel.”
Robin Esrock Travel Writer and star of
Word Travels, a TV series on OLN, City TV
and National Geographic

“The best companions on a journey are a sense of wonderment, a thirst for adventure, an insatiable curiosity, and a touch of ironic humour at the foibles of humanity. Add a keen eye for historical and cultural facts and fascinating legends, and you have a veritable cornucopia of tales from the pen of Irene Butler. A lively, engrossing page-turner—one that every wannabe traveller will eagerly devour from start to finish.”
Margaret Deefholts, Author of Haunting India
Travel writer, photographer, and editor,

“Irene Butler recounts, with wit and wisdom, a round-the-globe journey others only aspire to. As we voyage with her, readers laugh – and learn valuable travel tips. For anyone who wants to transform from tourist to intrepid traveller, this gem of a book is for them. ”
Liza Finlay
Editor, Outpost Magazine

“This book is not just a travel memoir, it’s a life manual.”
Keith Moen
Author and publisher of Hopeace Press

“A book for young and old alike, Trekking the Globe with Mostly Gentle
Footsteps takes you on an incredible trip around the world—a dream
shared by many, yet only pursued by few. As you travel in the comfort of Irene’s backpack, this book will give you the inspiration to map your own itinerary, to ‘Expect the unexpected,’ and before you know it, you too will be exploring the world with mostly gentle footsteps!”
Sean Aiken
Author of The One-Week Job Project: 1 Man, 1 Year, 52 Jobs

“What an exhilarating read. You will feel like you are on the adventure
with them. It is packed full of travel tips and life lessons learned along the way. This book is a great reminder that it is never too late to follow any dream no matter where it might take you.”
Dr. Carolyn Anderson MD
Eye surgeon
Founder of the online senior’s magazine

“A remarkable, readable, vivid account of an ambitious adventure filled with joy, struggle, insights, and respect for the world that binds us all together. In Kathmandu, Irene and Rick declare: ‘Our perspective on everything we thought we knew was in flux; all we knew for sure was that we would never be the same.’ Ample reason for readers to share this journey.”
Mike Keenan

“This book is a must-read. Irene’s vast travel experience and her writing style make you feel like you are a hitchhiker on one of her trips. It is absolutely fantastic … well written, very impressive.”
Laurel D’Andrea
Publisher of Beyond 50 Magazine

“This journey in words will have retirees rushing to stuff backpacks
and lace up hiking boots for their first globe-trotting marathon. Amid
tantalizing descriptions, humour, and sound advice, Butler shows
travellers how to afford their dream destinations without sacrificing too much comfort.”
Julie H. Ferguson
Author and addicted traveller,

“Trekking the Globe is the grown-up version of the ’60s backpackers Europe on $10 a Day. But it’s much more than a book on travelling. Poignantly written, Trekking the Globe reflects the dreams and aspirations of many of the boomer generation. It offers insight into the relationship of the authors with unfamiliar cultures—and with each other. A great read that encourages us all to find our passports and get on the road.”
Terry Ohman
Travel & Tourism Solutions (TTS) Inc.
Contributor to Steps to Success: Global Good Practices
in Tourism Human Resources

“An engaging blend of history, geography, and human interest. Makes me want to pack my bags.”
Janice Strong
Editor of Canadian Traveller

“Retired, rejuvenated, and ready to ride. Irene and Rick Butler prove that—armed with an around-the-world airline ticket—advancing years can’t quench the irresistible adrenaline of adventure. Where the Butlers are concerned, time is for travelling; and when a destination like Kathmandu calls, there’s no time like the present. Rule out the rocking chair: they’ve got a lot of living to do. This book may tempt you to do the same.”
Ursula Maxwell-Lewis
Travel columnist and founder of the Cloverdale Reporter News

“This is a great read. Irene’s compelling narrative will inspire more than
a few would-be adventurers. She has a talent for serving up just the right amount of information. I plan to keep this book on hand, as her thorough research on a myriad of cities and sights will be a valuable resource for my own round-the-world trip.”
Leigh McAdam


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