Old, New and Odd Gems of Azerbaijan

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promenade-by-caspian-seaI admit, initially, not knowing where in the world Azerbaijan was located. Our desire to visit this country was inspired by my husband Rick’s and my search for places around the globe we had not yet ventured to – after having already set foot on the soil of 115 countries. Finding just such a pocket of countries, Azerbaijan along with Armenia and Georgia, known collectively as South Caucasus nations sealed the deal!

Baku, the bustling capital, rests on the shimmering Caspian Sea. Leisurely strolls on the wide promenade alongside its opal waters are a daily delight. The outer edge of the city in this oil-rich country is a collage of beaches with grand resorts, oil-tycoon mansions, and on the city’s southern edge the derricks pumping away are nick-named James Bond Oil Field, being the filming locale for the opening scene of the movie, The World Is Not Enough.

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  1. Reuven Hermelin

    Dear Irene & Rick

    Thanks so much for let us share with you the wonderful reports and photos of Azerbaijan

    Your Friends
    Miri & Reuven

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