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Irene Butler and Rick Butler
GlobalTrekkers_Irene_RickIrene Butler is an award winning writer – for the destination category of the 2005 BCATW Symposium (BC Association of Travel Writers). Irene is a member of BC Association of Travel Writers. She is a contributing writer for Travel Writers Tales travelwriterstales/ 
Irene Butler is the author of “Trekking the Globe with Mostly Gentle Footsteps: Twelve Countries in Twelve Months” availbale in e-book on amazon.com and amazon.ca

Irene Butler’s stories and Rick’s photography have been published in many British Columbia newspapers and magazines, national and international magazines, plus On-Line Magazines in Canada and the United States.

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Welcome to our travel tales!

We feel gypsy blood runs deep in our ancestral veins, as when settled in one place for too long, an overwhelming urge to see yet another part of the world grips us.

My husband Rick and I live part of each year on the lower mainland of British Columbia. For the remainder we are off by air, road or water on journeys of discovery; these gifts of adventures are interspersed by the greatest gift of all – frequent visits to see our 5 sons, their partners, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

On most of our travels the only “stars” we see are in the sky – not hotel ratings. We move from place to place within a country by local means. The difficulties or challenges of this type of travel are superceded by the rewards of being involved in the daily lives of the peoples and cultures we visit. Respecting each culture’s codes of dress and behavior is an objective we sum up as “trekking the globe with gentle footsteps”. To have fun and follow the sun is our motto.

Although we have trekked through 120 countries in our lives, our writing about them is a more recent pursuit. We invite you to come with us on some of our past travels and “subscribe to journeys” on our web-site to keep abreast of our new wanderings.

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Irene and Rick Butler