Irene Butler

Our passion for travel mushroomed during short stints of cramming in a month of activities into two week vacations. Realizing our life's journey would not be complete without expanding our horizons to the four corners of mother earth, we sold our business, dubbed ourselves the "globaltrekkers" and set off to see the world for a full year. Experiencing the marvels of over 90 countries has only intensified our craving for more. A natural progression evolved over the years - from tourist to traveler; from pre-arranged tours to wandering; from stars in hotel ratings to stars in the sky; from suitcases to backpacks; from observing to immersion in cultures. Respecting the ecology of this small planet no matter where our odysseys unfold and paying heed to local customs in dress and behaviour are our credos. Following the sun and having fun is our motto. We invite you to come with us on our travels, "exploring the globe with gentle footsteps".

Friendly Manitoba

Friendly Manitoba By Irene Butler Scripted on the province’s license plates, “ friendly” is a well-chosen attribute describing Manitoba’s peoples and places; with our thirty-three family members living here adding heaps to the cordiality. Hospitableness extends from the cultural centre of Winnipeg crammed with entertainment and fine dining, to the Precambrian Shield for adventures in…