North America tour

Our North American road trip we call ‘CAN-AM Peregrinations’ in EMILI – short for EMIssions LIttle (our 2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle).

Mount St. Helens – A Sizzling Finish

Plumes of steam billowed slowly upward from her gaping mouth, brilliant against the azure sky; a blanket of snow softly draped her neck; her lower body encased in a placid grey obsidian exterior – since September 23, 2004, Mount St. Helens epitomizes a gentle, snoozing giantess, expelling an even stream of exhalation, with an occasional burst of “throat clearing”. “Be prepared with masks and goggles” is the message to the torrent of volcano-watchers flocking to the vantage point off Washington State Highway 504; geologists watch closely pondering not “IF” but “WHEN” and “HOW ABRUPTLY” this behemoth will again awaken.